Women's health 40-60

Diagram of the pelvic area with labels showing the cervix, womb, fallopian tubes and 2 ovaries.  The ovaries are either side of the womb.
  • Ovarian cancer affects the ovaries. It mostly affects women over the age of 50.
  • It can affect anyone who has ovaries.
  • The ovaries are 2 small organs that store the eggs needed to make babies.
  • Sometimes ovarian cancer runs in families.
  • The symptoms of ovarian cancer, such as bloating, are not always obvious.
  • Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed late, but early diagnosis can mean it is more treatable.
  • You can still get ovarian cancer if you've had your ovaries removed because it can also affect your fallopian tubes, or the lining inside your tummy (peritoneum).

It's important to get any symptoms of ovarian cancer checked as soon as possible. Finding it early can mean it's more treatable.